Many experts believe eating particular foods can trigger ADHD symptoms in patients, particularly children, so it’s important to avoid certain thought to sparks a reaction. If you or someone you love suffers from ADHD, try avoiding these 15 foods. Eliminating (or strongly reducing) these foods from your diet can help manage the symptoms of ADHD.

  1. Ice Cream – Dairy product, such as, ice cream, can trigger ADHD in individual who are hypersensitive to milk products. Someone who is sensitive to dairy products may feel tired both physically and mentally after consuming foods such as ice cream.

  2. Yogurt – Much like ice cream, yogurt is a dairy product that has been known to spark flare ups in individuals with ADHD. Removing these types of products (dairy products) completely from your diet for a few weeks will help to see whether they are a cause for ADHD. If dairy products trigger your ADHD, consider changing them for foods made with soy instead.

  3. Sugar – Experts say a diet high in sugar can spark a flare in ADHD patients. Many experts believe that the sugar strips your body of the vitamins, enzymes and minerals required to help stabilize your mood.

  4. Coffee – This may be a difficult one for many individuals to give up, considering coffee is such a popular drink. Many people rely on coffee for an energetic start to their mornings. Unfortunately, coffee contains a significant amount of caffeine which a natural stimulant known to trigger ADHD symptoms. If your symptoms get worse after drinking coffee, you can try drinking herbal teas or decaffeinated coffee instead.

  5. Swordfish – Fish high in mercury, such as swordfish; have been known to trigger ADHD symptoms. The heavy metal (mercury) found in this type of fish can decrease one’s ability to focus and impair concentration in many individuals.

  6. Cheese – Another dairy food need to avoid when trying to avoid sparking ADHD symptoms is cheese. Much like yogurt and ice cream, eliminating cheese from your diet for six to eight weeks will help determine whether it’s the cause for your flare-ups.

  7. Chocolate – Chocolate, like coffee, contains a significant amount of caffeine has been known to trigger ADHD symptoms and can make symptoms worse if you choose not to eliminate it from your diet.

  8. Pop – Pop contains artificial colors and flavoring, which many experts believe can spark symptoms in individuals with ADHD. In addition to artificial colors and flavoring, many pops also have higher levels of caffeine.</p.

  9. Frozen pizza – Frozen pizzas are packed full of artificial colors and flavorings, just like pop. The ingredients used to help enhance these types of products can increase hyperactivity and decrease concentration in individuals with this disorder. If you like eating pizza, consider making one from scratch on your own.

  10. Corn – Yellow vegetables, such as corn, are known to cause reactions in individuals with ADHD. It is recommended that you refrain from eating these types of vegetables in order to help control your symptoms.

  11. Chips – It’s pretty much a given that chips would be on this list. Most junk foods should be avoided in order to help manage this type of disorder. Chips also high in artificial colors and flavoring, making them a poor choice for individuals looking for an ADHD friendly diet.

  12. Squash – Squash is another yellow food to avoid when dealing with ADHD. For the same reasons as corn, squash has been known to cause flare ups. Not all yellow foods are bad for ADHD sufferers. Bananas are okay because the actual banana is white.

  13. Fruit Juice – Most fruit juices are loaded with artificial colors and flavors. You should avoid drinking fruit juices unless they are 100 percent natural with no artificial coloring or flavoring.

  14. Fast food – Fast food is on the top of most “Do Not Eat” lists and this list is no exception. The fried foods found in most fast food meals are incredibly unhealthy and the ingredients have been known to cause an increase in ADHD symptoms.

  15. Red meat – Red meat has been known to cause an increase of symptoms for ADHD a sufferer, experts says. Cutting back on your red meat intake (not necessarily eliminating it completely) may prove great benefits when it comes to controlling your ADHD.

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